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so i was checking out the new posts in the harrywindsor  community, when i saw someone had posted about this one. and i absolutely HAD to join because i love accents.

since im new, i figured i should come offering a story. so i went to school on the 1st to buy my text books for first semester. well, when i got to the table to pay for them, i noticed a new teacher, a guy. so, as i was paying, he started to talk to the other teacher next to him, and i was like OMG! he was totally from AUSTRALIA! I was freaking out, because most australian guys are really hot. im just hoping hes not one of my teachers this year, because if he is, ill start talking like him, and i definitely wouldnt want him to think i was i mocking him.


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Okay, so I went to the Warped Tour '04 in Fullerton, LA. I went to the Drive-Thru Records booth. All of a sudden, "Do you need some help?". The guy had an ACCENT! Wow, well I'm new here, and I've always loved accents of every kind. But that day was just great. I started talking to the guy, and his name's Justin. I had him record my voicemail. If you want to call it, you can, I just need to know you'll be calling for my voicemail only, or I guess if you call, and i don't know the number [if it's a different area code] then I'll let it go to the V.M. and if you like it, leave a message. I just love those things. =) Comment if you called or want to. The number is (818) 635-0398. My name's Kristin, but some call me Kris, or anything you dream up. I LOVE YOU ACCENT LOVERS!

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Hey! My name is Kristin! I came across this community- its exactly what I'm looking for! I LOVE British and Scottish accents! *swoons* I plan to visit the UK ASAP, so I can hear the accents:D My favorite acto is Dominic Monaghan from LOTRS *sigh. Hes just so cute and his accent is as well!!:) I also love the words that the British use like 'flat', 'tele', 'loo' etc! So adorable;)
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Um, hello. :) Saw this advertised on one of my other communities and figured I'd join since I love Irish accents. (Which could explain why I love both Patrick Harvey and every other actor ever to come out of Ireland with their vocal cords in tact).

I also love Scottish and English, but Irish stands above them all.

Bye then. ^^

[I was never good at joining/introductions.]
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hi everybody! i just joined this community and figured that i should introduce myself. I am a 19 year old Canadian girl who lives in Ottawa Ontario. I am a psychology student at the University of Ottawa, who LOVES accents.

My favourites are definitly Australian, Brittish and Scottish. My family came from Scottland originally, but have been here a few generations. Enough that we have lost direct contact with the homeland (which wasnt hard as my great grandmother was a Scottish Orphan sent here on a boat...) but my best friend has a Scottish Mother and British Father.

My favourite accented celebs are definitly: Princes Will and Harry, Heath Ledger, Adam Rickett, Bruno Langly, and Sean Biggerstaff. Are there any Adam Rickett fans here? they seem to be hard to find... Goddess know why?!

here are some to show you what i like the accent to be connected to...Collapse )

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yay someone new

yay im not the only one in this community now! thats cool you have like a british/french accent. my uncle and his wife live in paris so i go to france every now and then.. je parle seulement un peu de francais. (is that even correct?)

oh well i tried.. ha yesterday i was at a greek festival and i havnt spoken greek in such a long time so i would start my sentances in greek and finish them off in french. i call my language "freek" ahha. yeah my dad is greek and my mom is colombian so i know what you mean if you have a weird accent..

anyway glad you joined! i gtg
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Looks like a happening community?! haha

So yah, I'm English and have their horribly cute accent ;)

Yet some words sound kinda French as I lived there for a while too! Some think it's cute, other just look am me weird ;)

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mmk i just realized why i couldnt read any other entries.. because there are NO OTHER entries!! lol mmk i have a community all to myself. doesnt really make it a "community" but still.
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I'm new here..

soo accents lol

Accents are VERY sexy. I like Australian and British accents. Especially British.. (I am in love with Prince William) :-)

I want to post a pic of Wills now but I'm not so sure how to post a pic and for some reason the entries to this community arent showing up. hmph. ill post this and try to figuire something out later.

ex oh ex oh
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