Kristi (kitlucky13) wrote in we_love_accents,

New member.

so i was checking out the new posts in the harrywindsor  community, when i saw someone had posted about this one. and i absolutely HAD to join because i love accents.

since im new, i figured i should come offering a story. so i went to school on the 1st to buy my text books for first semester. well, when i got to the table to pay for them, i noticed a new teacher, a guy. so, as i was paying, he started to talk to the other teacher next to him, and i was like OMG! he was totally from AUSTRALIA! I was freaking out, because most australian guys are really hot. im just hoping hes not one of my teachers this year, because if he is, ill start talking like him, and i definitely wouldnt want him to think i was i mocking him.

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