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hi everybody! i just joined this community and figured that i should introduce myself. I am a 19 year old Canadian girl who lives in Ottawa Ontario. I am a psychology student at the University of Ottawa, who LOVES accents.

My favourites are definitly Australian, Brittish and Scottish. My family came from Scottland originally, but have been here a few generations. Enough that we have lost direct contact with the homeland (which wasnt hard as my great grandmother was a Scottish Orphan sent here on a boat...) but my best friend has a Scottish Mother and British Father.

My favourite accented celebs are definitly: Princes Will and Harry, Heath Ledger, Adam Rickett, Bruno Langly, and Sean Biggerstaff. Are there any Adam Rickett fans here? they seem to be hard to find... Goddess know why?!

Adam Rickett

thats Bruno the other bloke in the photo

Heath Ledger

Sean Biggerstaff

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